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Spain, Málaga, Marbella,
Published 4 years ago


Glide with total freedom, thanks to this great electric skate !!
This symmetrical design allows you to use it in any two possible ways without any problems.
On the sides, it assembles LED lights that are on when the skid is in operation.

At the top are the pads that detect pressure changes when supporting the feet, which are coated with non-slip. The wheels have rigid rubber tires of 17 cm in diameter, ie we do not have wheels like the bicycles or segway that can swell, but are compact.
Climbing is simple and not very different to how we climbed a step, first one foot and then another, each on foot pad with self-sliding rubber on the top.

The charging sensor will alert you to the need for recharging by flashing. In this way the life of the battery life will be greater.

Feel with Scooter Speedo Smart Balance the freedom to walk with just a gesture of your body. The Speedo Smart Balance is the simplest scooter to handle because it offers the balance you need to move on any surface without effort. It offers a power of 350W * 2, max. 18km / h and includes transport bag for the perfect care of your Speedo Smart Balance Scooter.

Everything is sewing and singing, the Speedo Smart Balance Scooter is very simple to handle since it includes gyroscopes that ensure that it can be kept in balance with little effort, yet we recommend that there always be some support where to lean, or have the help of a person The first few times you climb on the Speedo Smart Balance Scooter.

Provided with rear LEDs that light up during the trip, indicating its progress. The Speedo Smart Balance Scooter can withstand a weight of up to 120kg, making it totally resistant and safe. Also being very close to the ground, the danger of falling is minimal.

The Speedo Smart Balance Scooter can operate in three different difficulty modes, depending on the pilot's experience !! To configure the mode we only need to put the skateboard vertically and press the power button, then the central led will start to flash and we will select the desired mode with keystrokes in the power button, every time we press the led will change color indicating the mode Of difficulty, if the LED is Green indicates that the selected mode is BEGINNING allowing the pilot to catch a speed of up to 4km / h, if we continue pressing the power button the orange LED will be shown, this way we will have our skate in mode Of average level allowing to reach a speed of 8km / h. But if we are already veterans in the matter, we will press once more until the LED is shown in RED color, which will indicate that we are in EXPERT level, allowing us to reach the maximum speed !!! Once we have identified the desired level, we will only have to confirm the configuration by placing the skateboard horizontally, it will automatically be saved.



Size: 6.5 inches
Motor Power: 350W * 2
Maximum speed: 18km / h
Maximum slope: 30º
Autonomy: 15km
Charging time: 3 hours
Dimensions: 65 * 26 * 25CM
Weight: 12.5kg
Supply voltage: AC110-AC220v 50-60HZ



1 x Speedo Smart Balance Scooter

1 x Carrying bag

1 x User Manual in Spanish


Warranty: 2 years (6 months battery)



Use only the original battery and charger supplied by the manufacturer, otherwise there is a danger of overheating, fire or explosion. The manufacturer is not responsible for problems caused by improper use of the charger or battery.

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    178.00 Euro €
    156.12 GBP
    206.87 USD
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