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Spy Alarm Clock

With this alarm clock you can record without fear of being discovered, since at first sight it looks like a normal alarm clock, with the time and alarm function, it also has a backlight button with blue backlight to see the time in the dark , A fact that makes it totally unsuspected.

Among the features of this spy alarm clock feature video recording at 720x480 pixels at 30 fps, and the option to capture photos at all times in a resolution of 2mp. In addition, it has a motion sensor that can be activated and recorded video if we want. It also includes a small remote control with all the options of control, to be able to activate the different functions of the spy alarm clock remotely with total discretion.

This spy alarm clock has a micro sd memory slot up to 16 gb, where we will store all video files and photos. The battery is of long duration, with a capacity of 2200mAh. Includes USB cable, power adapter and remote control to control functions.


Technical specifications


Video resolution: 640x480 pixels
Photo resolution: 1280x960 pixels
Video format: AVI
Format of the photos: JPG
Audio Format: WAV

Camera lens

The camera lens has a viewing angle of 72 degrees, and can cover a surface area of ​​6 meters in a straight line.


The battery is a model 18650 battery with 2200 mAh capacity, with a power consumption of 3.7V. The battery offers a range of up to 12 hours of continuous video recording or 25 hours of uninterrupted sound recording. The full charge time is 4 hours, and the battery can be charged through the usb cable or through the power adapter.


This spy alarm clock has no internal memory, but supports micro sd memory cards up to 32 gb capacity, and can store up to more than 30 hours of video, depending on the memory we have. Approximately every 30 minutes about 1 gb of micro sd memory space is consumed.


Dimensions of the spy alarm clock: 10 x 6 cm x 3.50 cm
Dimensions of the alarm screen: 6.50 cm x 3 cm
Weight: 150 grams




Setting the alarm clock mode

This alarm clock can work perfectly to wake us every morning thanks to its alarm function. First of all we need to set the clock time shown on the front LCD screen. To do this, by means of the 5 function buttons found at the bottom of the screen, we will set the hour, minutes, alarm, lso notices and repetitions, 12/24 time mode or alarm or melody selection.

Set time

Press the SET button and then click on the HR (hours) buttons for the hours and MIN (minutes) for the minutes until you reach the current time. If you click on the buttons to keep them pressed, we will advance the hours and minutes faster until the desired time is reached.

Set alarm

Press the SET button twice in a row and enter the time setting mode for the alarm. Then, in the same way that we did with the time settings, using the HR and MIN buttons we will adjust the exact hour and minute of the exact time when we want to sound the alarm.

Configure warnings

Press the SET button three consecutive times to enter the message setup mode. Now if we press the HR button we activate a signal that will warn us every time the time changes, if we press the HR button again, we will activate the signal that will notify us whenever the time changes from 7.00 to 9.00. If we press the same button again, we will deactivate this mode. Pressing the MIN button will activate or deactivate the alarm.

Other configurations

If we press the HR button we can change the time display format in 12/24

Pressing the MIN button will change the alarm tone.

If you press the LIGHT button, you can light the background of the blue screen for a few seconds.

If we press the TALK button (located at the top), the alarm clock will inform us of the hour and minute in English.

Spy Mode Settings

To enter the spy mode we have to open the cover on the right side and insert a micro sd memory up to 32 gb capacity and put the switch on.

This alarm clock has 4 basic spy functions, which are continuous video recording, video recording from motion detection, audio recording and photo capture. For each of these functions we have to press the relevant buttons on the remote control.

To be able to use the mode to choose the different options
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